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Designer of all things

Hi, I'm Jessalyne! 


I have a passion for planning, organizing and creating, which lends a unique perspective to every project I tackle. I'm a problem solver by nature, and nothing makes me happier than improving things that make people's lives easier. I'm a big picture thinker who still keeps her eye trained on the small details along the way. I love being in charge of projects, taking responsibility and supporting the team; and I would be mortified if I thought I was wasting anyone's time or having them wait on me. I pride myself on being dependable and ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks, and my super power is finding the most efficient ways of doing things and streamlining processes.


I strive to leave things more beautiful than when I found them. With years of designing illustrations, interiors, window displays and floral arrangements, and staging homes I have the ability to visualize in both two and three dimensions. I have excellent spatial recognition sills and am sensitive to how a space feels. There is much thought and purpose behind everything. In addition to designing, I love creating marketing campaigns and analyzing the data. Social media is especially exciting for me because I get to combine all of my skills and see exactly how people respond. There is nothing more exciting than seeing projects come to fruition and then analyzing the ROI.


The short version? I believe in creativity, solutions & results. 


Oh, and kindness! Always.


20th Century Fox / Apple / The Emerald Cup / Goldielockes Jewelery / Skelly Paper Co. / Room By Room / Afterscience /

Construction Innovations /

The Pilates School / Fortuna / EcoSpa


Sara Friedman, Sales & Marketing Manager

Jessalyne was an absolute joy to work with. Not only did she bring a wonderful attitude daily, she executed all projects with incredible attention to detail and amazing creativity. Whether directing photo shoots, catalog layouts, or creating new artwork, she never failed to take the varied input of different stakeholders into account and deliver a product that everone believed was their vision. In addition to her artistic creativity, she has a knack for evaluating processes and determining ways to make them more efficient which is a crucial asset when managing tight resources.


Brian Beller, Digital Marketing Manager

Jessalyne is one of the most dedicated, hardworking and innovative people I've had the pleasure of working with. She is compassionate, kind, organized and will always go the extra step to help when needed. I could count on her to help guide me and I know I learned as much from her as I hope she learned from me. Her designs are creative, unique and she puts time into thinking about what the design project is from start to finish. It is pretty simple, Jessalyne cares. Jessalyne would be an asset to any organization, but I know she has a particular passion for the “customer” and doing all she can to help that customer have an amazing experience through her designs and user experience knowledge.


Perapol Damnernpholkul, Owner of Room By Room

Jessalyne was not only our lead designer, but also a true asset to our company. She helped manage, organize and grow our company from the ground up. She is an extremely talented designer with excellent work ethic. As part of our team, she played a major role in overseeing all projects. She is also self-motivating, able to work independently, and a master at multi-tasking. Her written and verbal communication helped us obtain and keep our client base and her organizational skills kept us on track. She is fantastic on the computer; she designed and maintained upkeep on our website, she is savvy with current design and photo apps and programs, and she is an effective and fast researcher. There's nothing this lady can't do!

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